M2M connectivity

Our multi-network SIM cards offer unprecedented possibilities for your M2M solutions and the highest possible availability.

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IoT connectivity

In addition to 2G/3G/4G/5G, IoT unlimited also offers options for Nb-IoT and LTE-M on a single-SIM mult-roaming solution.

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SIM form factors

When you develop your own applications, it is possible to use different SIM technologies via IoT unlimited.

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IoT unlimited

The independent IoT Connectivity Enabler with a strong focus on your business.

Actually, IoT Enabler would be a better term to describe the services of IoT unlimited.

IoT unlimited helps companies to unlock “things” or applications by advising and delivering standardized end-to-end solutions as well as providing “managed” connectivity.

We do this by using different networks and/or types of connections for our services, using our own independent platforms to service you.

Our services are built on the basis of years of experience at companies in the Telecom and ICT sector (IoT).

Questions from our customers

With our services we answer questions that our customers want concrete answers to, such as;

Why depend on 1 network in a country?
Often 1 network does not offer the requested network coverage or service at every location. In case of failure, many companies use IoT or mobile connectivity, making the possibility of “switching between networks” a strong advantage.

Why only view the consumption at the end of the month and be able to block something afterwards?
Our portal offers our customers the opportunity to live-view the status of the connection(s) and equipment*.

How do I deal with roaming and costs in different countries?
For many “traditional” operators, there is still a difference in how they deal with national and international data usage. Even after the introduction of Roam like Home in the EU, fair-use “restrictions” still present obstacles to the roll-out of IoT applications to foreign branches. IoT unlimited works with 1 transparent international proposition.

Why is it so difficult to implement a secure solution based on a mobile network solution?
With IoT unlimited, security is standardized within our services and based upon our own developed SAM-platform (Secure Access Management). By using this platform, we enable customers to implement a secure solution just in a matter of days (and not weeks/months).

How can I achieve independency from mobile operators?
Traditional mobile operators provide you with their “coloured” sim cards which are non-exchangable. They are free of charge, but they come with a cost. When, in the future, you want to change from mobile operator, you are locked by their SIM cards and need to do a physical SIM exchange. By using eUICC compliant SIM cards, combined with a RSP platform (Remote Sim Provisioning), this is no longer the needed.

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