IoT Connectivity

Customers have been using M2M Connectivity via 2G, 3G and/or 4G for years. In addition to M2M, there are also (relatively new) networks available that use other technologies. These are so-called Low Power Wide Area Networks. In addition to M2M, today you can use LoRa, Nb-IoT and LTE-M as LPWAN solutions.

As a result, there are numerous techniques available that can establish a connection from one system to another. Which type of connectivity best suits your application depends on several factors.

Will the solution be used locally or internationally? Is a power supply available? How much data should be sent? A selection of the questions that influence the (im)possibilities of the various techniques.

IoT unlimited advises many companies in making the right connectivity choice based on wishes, requirements and technical principles.

Independent advice on the various options

Depending on the solution, IoT unlimited helps you make the right choice.

Longer battery life through the use of new technologies

With LTE-M and/or Nb-IoT, devices can last for years and do not require a power supply.

New techniques make decision-making more complex

By advising on technology, we help organizations make the right choices.

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