Retail IoT use case

It is still very common. An interruption in the internet connection at your (company) location, for example in your shop. In a modern business it is actually impossible to continue working without an internet connection.

For this reason, IoT unlimited introduces an accessible 4G backup service to prevent you from being without internet when it doesn’t suit you.

For a fixed low amount per month you will have access to a multi-network SIM card where, in the event of a malfunction, you will pay for the actual data use via the SIM card.

If desired, one of our partners can deliver a configured router to you so that you can easily use this service. You connect this to your internal network by means of a network cable and you can immediately use this service.

Low amount per month and only pay when you need it

To make and keep the use of a 4G backup service accessible.

Multi-network solution so that you have optimal accessibility

In case of a disruption, you have the highest possible availability of 4G.

Optional turnkey solution including required hardware

This makes it easy to use and to connect to your network equipment.

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