Security as a service solutions

With the SAM platform, IoT unlimited customers are able to implement low-threshold VPN connections for their customers. The creation of new VPN networks per customer can be realized quickly and easily in this way.

The deployment of the SAM platform takes various forms:

Public Internet: All mobile traffic is terminated by our platform on the Internet.

Private: all mobile traffic is accessed via VPN at the company location, which can of course also be multiple locations.

Hybrid: part of the traffic is terminated on the public internet and the data traffic that must remain within the company’s own network is delivered to that network via VPN.

One of our partners uses the SAM platform in the healthcare sector. In this use case, care devices are delivered that must be delivered per customer in their own network segment.

For our partner, the use of the SAM platform offers the flexibility it needs to serve its various end customers. This, in combination with the combined purchase of the connectivity services, gives the partner the opportunity to provide end-to-end services for its healthcare customers.

Multi-tennant VPN solution for our partners quickly implemented and serviced

One platform which services multiple VPN connections live within a couple of days.

Specific network segments per end customer for data seggregation

To deliver the traffic separately on the customer network without difficult routing solutions.

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