Security use case

Background information
Remote Security is probably one of the most well-known IoT solutions that has been used in the market for many years. We know the origins in the alarm systems (monitoring) that have been put into use at various locations, which have been followed by many additions and follow-up (control room) of this. There is also a major shortage of workers in the security sector today, as a result of which the use of (smart) technology is increasingly being applied. This use case is a perfect example of that.

For the security of crucial infrastructure in the Netherlands, our client has been engaged to take care of the security of these locations. A combination of services is provided here. Burglary protection, fire protection to object monitoring, the total security of these objects is part of the scope of this assignment, including the follow-up.

As this solution ensures the security of critical infrastructure, the requirements for mobile connectivity are also very high. The first requirement: the solution must function stand-alone, no use may be made of the (network) infrastructure on site. The second requirement: availability must be as high as possible in order to guarantee continuity of service.

High level solution
To meet the demand within this project, IoT unlimited delivered a completely separate, redundant mobile solution with two separate network infrastructures. These network components for this solution run – not required, but pre-executed redundantly within the Netherlands over various data centers. For mobile connectivity, a tier-1 MNO profile with a fall-back profile is used.

Redundancy across mobile networks applied

Two completely separate paths that do not touch each other for higher availability

Implementation of a future-oriented solution

Scalable use of technology that can also be applied in other projects

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