eSIM technology and form factors

RSP and eUICC technology makes it possible for companies to switch (virtual) operators in the future without having to change a SIM card. This significantly lowers the threshold for switching providers. With this technology, you therefore have a future-proof connectivity solution that is available in different formats and types (of SIM cards).

This is of course the well-known 3-in-1 SIM card as well as the embedded variant. A smart chip on the SIM card makes it possible to change the profile over the air (remotely).

This means you never have to replace a SIM card when you want to switch from one provider to another.

eUICC technology makes it possible to use different network technologies on one SIM card. From 2G/3G/4G and 5G to LTE-M, you can use all techniques. Via the IoT unlimited portal (to which all our customers have standard access), you can easily manage your own SIM cards. You can also have this done by one of the IoT unlimited partners so that you can concentrate on your activities.

No more switching SIM cards when switching to another provider

By switching profiles over the air, you can easily switch to another virtual provider.

Multiple network technologies available from one vendor

GSM, Nb-IoT, LTE-M, all controllable via one supplier and one management portal.

Multi-network solutions for the highest possible availability

Non-steered multi-network solution with shared data bundles all over Europe.

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