IoT Platform

MCM Platform

IoT unlimited operates a scalable platform on which mobile data services are provided easily and reliably to companies that want to combine IoT and / or M2M applications with connectivity. IoT unlimited focuses on the European market using different techniques (2G / 3G / 4G / LTE-M / Nb-IoT / 5G) and networks per country combined in one platform. Our mobile connectivity management (MCM) platform enables the customer to be “in control” over all connections via our own developed self service portal.


The main features of the platform are:
– Operator independent platform
– Multi-tennant role based functional sim management
– Financial control options
– Multi-layer
– All licensed technologies supported

As an additional option, there are the following options:
– Billing as a service
– End-user direct debit
– Whitelabel

SAM Platform

The services offered are based on our own core data network, which enables us to offer low-threshold and secure connectivity services including customer-specific traffic routing requirements (public / private / hybrid). The SAM platform is a security as a service solution which includes all necessary network components to process mobile data using private APN’s.

The main features of the SAM platform are:
– IPsec VPN services
– Routing as a service
– Public / private routing
– Authentication
– Accounting

As an additional option, there are the following options:
– Static (internal) IP-address per device
– Hybrid routing services
– Destination control

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