M2M Connectivity

With M2M Connectivity you can connect all kinds of devices, systems, machines and solutions to the internet. This enables you to monitor it remotely, exchange information and/or control it. This includes alarm systems, elevators, production machines and much more.

With the M2M Non Steered Multi Network Connectivity of IoT unlimited, you have an independent SIM card that can use all available networks in all countries, without network preferences. You can use 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M and Nb-IoT networks on one SIM card.

Multi-network solution so that you have optimal accessibility

In the event of a disruption, you have the highest possible availability.

Various standard bundles and customization available

From 1Mb to several gigabytes, available as standard or via customization.

Manageable and secure with the IoT unlimited and SAM Platform

Via VPN we route your traffic and assign internal IP addresses for bi-directional traffic.

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