Innovative utility use cases

There is a wide variety of user cases to describe in the utility market. In addition to water management, good examples are the application of IoT in the energy sector and waste management.

With increasing sustainability, the use of solar panels is indispensable. These systems must be managed remotely and, above all, securely. IoT unlimited has introduced a special portfolio for this target group. Being able to manage the various systems uniformly via a connectivity solution is central to this.

IoT has been used in waste management for years. Concrete examples of this are the passes that residents have to present in order to be able to dump waste (to prevent waste being dumped by non-residents) and the filling level of the containers is measured. With this latest information, the routes that waste trucks have to travel are smartly coordinated.

Solution provided by IoT unlimited

Both examples leverage the flexibility and security of both the MCM and SAM platforms. Due to the years of using IoT in waste management, we see that many organizations have different bases with suppliers. The independent layer of the MCM platform allows these organizations to manage it through a management environment.

The SAM platform helps the installer of the sustainable solution to securely manage his systems remotely, so that in the event of malfunctions these can often be resolved remotely. In a market with increasing shortages of technical personnel, secure remote access is a must.

MCM platform enables organizations to manage multiple environments

Insight into the environments of multiple mobile operators in a scalable and layered platform.

Unified management with the SAM platform independent of the application used

All systems can be accessed via one interface with the logical IP configuration enabled by the SAM platform.

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